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Uniform Information

The gi (pronounced “gee”) is the traditional uniform worn in a karate class.  The uniform should fit loose and allow ease of movement.  Only plain white uniforms are allowed in class.  Wear your uniform to class if you can....if not, you may change when you get to karate.  Carry your belt and put it on after coming inside.  We will be learning how to tie the belt in class.  Remove your belt before leaving class.  Only complete uniforms should be worn.   It is not proper to wear the belt without the uniform.


About the Jacket

There are four string ties on the uniform jacket.  The right outside string will tie to the left inside string.  Then the left side will lap over tying the left outside string to the right inside string.  The sleeves may be rolled up or altered between the wrist and the elbow.


About the Pants

The pants are elastic waist with a drawstring in the front.  Tighten the drawstring if  needed.  The pants legs may be rolled up or altered between the ankle and the knees.



About the Belt

Students learn in class how to tie the belt.   They should bring the  belt and tie once inside the karate school.   Belts are traditionally removed before leaving karate.



Machine wash cold or warm and tumble dry.  Do not wash the belt.  Using a chlorine bleach is not recommended…..if needed use an all fabric bleach or Borax.

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