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Welcome to  Paris Karate


About Paris Karate

Paris Karate was established in 1980 by Rick Conger in its current location. Paris Karate offers separate classes for children, teens & adults. Classes are further separated into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes are group sessions. Private sessions are also available. Paris Karate offers  self defense workshops for clubs, churches and businesses.

Karate is a Japanese art.  The word itself means ”empty hands”.  It is both a physical and mental art that uses the human body without additional weapons.

It developed in the 1600’s in Okinawa due to martial law imposed by the government.  The art has developed and improved as we have learned more about the human body.  The student learns basic blocking, kicking, punching and striking techniques.   These are further put into routines called “Kata”.  The student also learns practical self defense in a safe manner with the instructor or another student.    Paris Karate offers the most up to date training methods,  allowing the student to develop to full potential.

Benefits of Karate

Karate is an effective form of empty handed self defense using the human body in the most efficient and effective manner .

 Karate is an excellent form of physical conditioning

• It challenges the entire body

• Improves coordination

• Increases balance

• Develops agility

• Develops poise

 Karate helps the student develop self confidence

• Self confidence doesn’t come naturally but develops over time

• As new goals are accomplished, confidence increases

• Progression is individual and you are not judged against another student

 Karate develops self discipline

• Accomplishing individual goals helps develop self discipline

• Better karate student =  better grades at school

 Karate develops emotional self control

 Karate builds a winning attitude

• No one sits on the bench

• You compete against your biggest competitor- Yourself

 The self image, confidence,  discipline and control a child  develops  today will help determine the level of success they  experience tomorrow.





About Class

•Paris Karate classes are a year around program.

•I close for major holidays and a week at Christmas.

•I do not cancel classes when the school systems are out on breaks or out of school for snow.

•Any class cancellations will be in the monthly newsletter, on the    website, and Facebook.


What to Wear

Beginners may wear loose clothing or purchase a uniform.   Yellow belts and up must wear a uniform with rank belt.   Uniforms cost $35.


Contact me at anytime with questions that you have.  You may call  or text  731-642-7425 or email me @


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