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What you need to know about class

Students may arrive 15 before class begins.   One adult may stay during class in waiting room, but not required.


What to Wear

Loose fitting clothing will be necessary.

Sweats or t-shirt type clothing will suffice.    Jeans are too restrictive. 

Uniforms are optional. Only plain white traditional karate uniforms are acceptable and can be purchased at Paris Karate. 

Uniforms cost $35.   I will order uniforms after the enrollment session, and they will be available for pick up the first class.

Students need to bring water to class.


1 child $45 / calendar month

2 or more $40/ calendar month

Tuition is due the first class of each month.   Tuition is not based on the number of classes in a calendar month, or on the number of classes attended.

**Cash or check only.   Tuition may be dropped in the box in the hallway.  Please memo child’s name on a check.   If cash, please put in an envelope with child’s name on it.


Communication is important.  I communicate by text, email, phone, website and the Paris Karate Facebook page.

Contact me anytime with questions that you have. 

Call or text: 731-642-7425


Rick Conger

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