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New Beginner Children Class

Class Time: Thursdays 3:15-4:00pm

For: Ages 5 up

Enrollment Day:  Thursday February 29, 3:15pm

First Class:  Thursday March 7, 3:15pm


Tuition: $45 per month

Optional uniforms:  $35


1) Loose clothing is necessary for class.

Uniforms are optional for beginners and required for Yellow Belt up.

No equipment needed.

2) My program is a year around program.  The class time will be Thursdays 3:15-4:00pm March - May.

Beginning in June, class time would remain 3:15-4:00pm, but the day will change to Monday or Tuesday, 

depending on my summer schedule.

This class will fill up quickly.   If interested in this class for your child, please text the following to 731-642-7425.

Child Name and age

Parents name

Parents Phone numbers

Thank you!

Rick Conger

Paris Karate

731-642-7425  (call and text)



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