Student and Parents:

I am pleased to announce that classes will be starting back on September 1.

This is as long as our community Covid 19 viral load remains stable.  



For everyone’s safety, the following changes will take effect September 1.


  • Do not attend class if sick, have temperature, coughing or sore throat.

  • Students must wear a face mask before entering and keep it on.

  • Students may enter 5 minutes before the start of class.

  • Students should have uniforms on with belt in hand.  Restrooms are not changing rooms.

  • Students must wear shoes that may quickly be pulled off and put on by themselves.

  • Students should bring their own water.

  • At this time it is imperative that students are picked up on time.

  • Students will be dismissed one at a time.


  • Do not come inside if sick, have temperature, coughing or sore throat.

  • Parents may enter with student if needed but will not be allowed to stay.  If needed, parents may enter when students are dismissed to escort out.

  • Parents must maintain proper social distance.

  • Parents must wear a mask at all times if entering the building.

  • No spectators or visitors.  

  • Cleaning for safety will be done between classes.


 Monthly tuition rates effective September 1

1 child $45

2 children $80 

3 children $120

  • Must be paid on or before the first class of month

  • Tuition is based a calendar month and not based on number of classes attended during a month

  • To limit handling, I have a box on the wall as you enter the training room to drop tuition in that will be clearly marked.  Check or cash is acceptable.  If you pay in cash, please have correct amount in sealed envelope with student name on the outside.


What to except different at the dojo

  • Come straight up steps. 

  • Go through waiting room where you will have a set space with an assigned number. 

  • Place shoes and personal items in space. 

  • Enter training room with belt and water and go to the rectangle space marked with your number.  

  • Stay in your area.

  • Your space will have its own target, blocker, etc. for your use during class.  Equipment is cleaned between classes.

  • I am limiting the number in classes to eight.

  • Stretching and basics will start in your personal area

  • Kata (preset routines) will be done as a group or small groups if more room is needed

  • Target work such as kicking and striking will be done in your personal area with your assigned equipment

  • Partner work such as kumite will not be practiced at this time.

  • Traditional “games” will have some adjustments.

  • Everyone is expected to observe social distancing.  If student does not, they will be removed and parent called to pick up.


 What I need from parents

  • I respect your comfort level and decision on class, as you respect mine.

  • Since I am strictly limiting the number in each class, I need you to respond by August 1 to let me know if your child plans to return to class or not at this time.

  • I will then finalize my schedule and contact you with an assigned class time.

  • I need names and cell numbers of any adult that will be bringing students.

  • Be sure have reviewed the new dojo requirements with your child and they are willing to comply.