Covid Safety Guidelines




  • Do not attend class if sick, have temperature, coughing or sore throat.

  • Students must wear a face mask before entering and keep it on.

  • Students may enter 5-10 minutes before the start of class.

  • Students should have uniforms on with belt in hand.  Restrooms are not changing rooms.

  • Students must wear shoes that may quickly be pulled off and put on by themselves.

  • Students should bring their own water.

  • Students must be picked up on time.


  • Do not come inside if sick, have temperature, coughing or sore throat.

  • Parents may enter with student if needed but will not be allowed to stay.  If needed, parents may enter when students are dismissed to escort out.

  • Parents must maintain proper social distance.

  • Parents must wear a mask at all times if entering the building.

  • No spectators or visitors.  


What to except different at the dojo

  • Come straight up steps. 

  • Go through waiting room where you will have a set space with an assigned color. 

  • Place shoes and personal items in space. 

  • Enter training room with belt and water and go to the rectangle space marked with your color.  

  • Stay in your area.

  • Your space will have its own target, blocker, etc. for your use during class.  Equipment is cleaned between classes.

  • I am limiting the number in classes to eight.

  • Stretching and basics will start in your personal area

  • Kata (preset routines) will be done as a group or small groups if more room is needed

  • Target work such as kicking and striking will be done in your personal area with your assigned equipment

  • Partner work such as kumite will not be practiced at this time.

  • Traditional “games” will have some adjustments.

  • Everyone is expected to observe social distancing.  If student does not, they will be removed and parent called to pick them up.