Summer 2022

The Summer schedule remains the same  after upcoming testing.

In my 44 years of teaching, I have always seen some of the best progression with students in the summer months.

Bring to class

Students should bring water to class.  

Green belts and above should bring their mask for use while working in close with a partner.

Memorial Day

Attention Monday classes.

Paris Karate will be closed Monday May 30, Memorial Day.  

Monday classes may attend alternate class.

(Memorial day week only)

  • Monday White Belts may attend Tuesday  3:15-4:00pm Tuesday May 31

  • Monday Yellow Belts may attend Tuesday 4:30-5:15pm Tuesday May 31

  • Monday Green Belts may attend Tuesday  5:30-6:15pm Tuesday May 31

Please remember

Tuition is due the 1st of each month and not based on the number of classes attended. 

Test Dates

Notice:  All class times remain the same after testing.

The schedule willl reflect the new belt rank.

Monday classes

3:15-4:00pm  Children Yellow Belt Level 2

Pretest for Green Belt May 23     Test June 13

See requirements

4:30-5:15pm   Children White Belt 

Test for Yellow Belt  June 13
See requirements

5:30-6:15pm  Children Green Belt Level 2

Test for Green Belt Level 3  June 13

See requirements

Tuesday classes

3:15-4:00pm  Children White Belt

Test for Yellow Belt June 14

See requirements

4:30-5:15pm  Children Yellow Belt Level 1

Test for Yellow Belt Level 2 June 14

See requirements

5:30-6:15pm  Youth Brown Belt advanced / Black Belt

Brown Belt Testing  June 14 during regular class time

Black Belt Testing June 14, 6:30pm

See requirements