Summer updates for Beginners


Class is going very well. 

Here are some updates and reminders:


1) Class:  Class times for the summer remain the same.  If you have a  schedule conflict, please contact me.


2) Covid:   Thank you to everyone for respecting the precautions I have  implemented during this time.

Beginning June 1, masks are required for in close activities.   

Activities that are distanced, masks will not be required.  


3) Water: Especially during the summer, please send water to class with your child.  


4) Tuition:  Please remember tuition is due each month  $45


5)We are setting our goal for earning our first color belt, Yellow Belt,   during the later part of July.  I will send details prior to our testing.


Thank you for the opportunity to be working with your child!

Rick Conger

Paris Karate