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Paris Karate

Professional instruction in Traditional Karate

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Children's Fall Day Camp

Saturday October 7, 10:30-2:00pm

Open to all ranks

Cost $10 (includes lunch)

Contact Rick to sign up

731-642-7425 Call or Text


A new beginner teen and adult class enrolls through October 15








Anytime you have questions or information I need to know about your child, please contact me.

You my call, email or message.

PLUS… you may text using the same phone number Paris Karate has had 37 years.

 642-7425 call and text

*Attention Parents and Visitors*

As always you are welcome to stay and watch class or sit and enjoy the Wi-Fi.

While visiting Paris Karate it is necessary to obverse the following:


*If students arrive early, they may enter the training area and sit quietly on the side line and wait for instruction. They may also choose to sit with a parent until the class before their class has finished.

*All children that are not students must remain with an adult at all times.

*Please use restrooms between class times. However, if necessary to go while a class is in progress, please walk behind the class with as little interruption as possible.

*Once a class starts it is necessary to be quiet to maintain a proper atmosphere for students.


Thank you for your consideration and helping make the class experience for the student the best.