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Professional instruction in Traditional Karate

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Frequently asked questions



What do I need to wear for class?

Traditionally the karate uniform "gi" should be worn in class.  Beginners are not required to purchase a uniform, but loose fitting clothing is necessary.   Uniforms are $30, including the top, pants and a belt.   Only plain white uniforms are worn.

What is the age range of students @ Paris Karate?
5 years - 65 years old
Children classes range in age from 5-12 year old. Teen & adult classes range from teenage up.

Should I consider private classes?
There are benefits of both private and group classes. Group classes allow the student to work with a variety of students while benefiting from the energy of a group workout. Private classes allow the student to key in on details.

What if I have trained in another style or art, where should I start?
All students are asked to train initially in a beginner level class. You will move quickly into a more advanced class as progression and ability is shown.


What if I have trained @ Paris Karate before and want to get started back?

You can start back at the same rank you were before you left.   You may need to work some in a class level below your rank to get back up to pace for your level.

What is my commitment?
Children classes are paid for a minimum of one month in advance and adult - teen classes are paid for one quarter in advance. If you decide to drop classes, please contact Rick Conger and have your name removed from the active roll. As long as your name is on the active roll, tuition is due.

What about the "over active child" that has a hard time concentrating and paying attention?
All children benefit from classes at Paris Karate. In addition to the physical skills, students develop life skills such as developing self confidence, self discipline and concentration while improving their overall self image.

Who will teach the classes?
Rick Conger teaches all classes. During children daycamps he is assisted by teenage and adult students.   Rick is in his 39th year teaching, with 34 of these years teaching as a professional karate instructor.