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Paris Karate

Professional instruction in Traditional Karate

Beginner Children Class
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Children Class Information and Policies 2018

Paris Karate classes are a year around program. During the summer months,
both morning and afternoon class times are available.
I close for major holidays and one week for Christmas and the New
Year's holiday.
I do not cancel classes when the school systems are out on breaks or out of
school for snow.          I cancel when weather conditions are extreme.  If
a class is missed, it may be made up by attending a class of the same belt

Tuition is due the first of each calendar month.
Tuition is due for a minimum of one month in advance and may be paid for 2
or 3 months in advance.
Tuition not paid by the 10th of the month is considered late and a $5 late
charge is due.
Tuition is not based on the number of classes in a month.
Tuition is not based on the number of classes attended.
Tuition may be made in person or mailed to:
Paris Karate 209 1/2 W. Washington St. Paris, TN. 38242


Children Class Tuition
1 Child $35 per calendar month
2 Children $60 per calendar month
3 Children $85 per calendar month
4 Children $110 per calendar month

What to Wear
Uniforms are optional for beginners. Loose fitting clothing will be
necessary. Sweats or t-shirt type clothing will suffice. Jeans are too
Uniforms should be worn by Yellow Belt and up.
Only plain white traditional karate uniforms are acceptable and can be
purchased at Paris Karate.  Uniforms cost $30.

Communication is important.
I communicate by email, phone, website and Facebook.

If you have an email account and are not getting at least one email the
first of each month, I either do not have your email address or I have it
incorrect.   Please let me know if you are not receiving updates.  I use
"blind copies" when emailing to more than one individual.

Monthly Newsletter
The monthly newsletter is on the website the 1st of each month
 and linked on the Facebook page.
If you do not read it online, copies are available at Paris Karate and can
be picked up in class.

I use the website to keep you updated with news, events and schedules.  It
is updated often. I have recently added a top page on the website titled
"Important Class Info" for quick communication.

Quick Communication
(Examples ....extreme weather conditions, family emergency)
When there is the need for quick communication, I do the following:
*       Update the website "Important Class Info" page
*       Post the update to the Paris Karate Facebook page
*       Email the notice
*       Update my voice mail    642-7425
*       Place a notice on the front door

When unsure, please check one of the above.

Contact me at any time with questions that you have.  You may call or text
642-7425, email me @, or message me through Paris Karate's Facebook.